Youtube Auto. Removes all annoying ads and banners from YouTube! Not only this, with the help of this extension you can automatically like and subscribe.

What is Youtube Auto?

Youtube Auto is an ad blocking browser extension, which means it removes ads from YouTube Edge and provides protection from third-party trackers. In fact, with over 10k users, AdBlock is the most widely trusted YouTube ad blocking extension for Egde available today. AdBlock is used by millions of folks across the globe to block Youtube ads, improve page load speed, and help protect their privacy. That's because Youtube Auto is simple to use, completely customizable, and provides a dramatic improvement to your online experience.

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Block YouTube Ads

YouTube is one of the most popular destinations on the web, and it's also home to some of the most annoying ads. With AdBlock for Edge, you don't have to see anymore pre-roll video ads or anywhere else on YouTube. AdBlock blocks all ads on YouTube upon install: say goodbye to pre-roll, mid-roll, even the ads in the “Up Next” sidebar. AdBlock allows you to experience YouTube completely free from distractions.

YouTube Ad Blocking Options

So you want to block YouTube auto while still supporting content creators? Video AdBlocker Edge allows you to do just that. AdBlock is the only YouTube ad blocker that gives you a simple option for allowing ads on your favorite channels. With just a few clicks, you can help support your favorite content creators (while keeping ads blocked everywhere else). Allowing ads on your favorite channels makes it easy to show your support without having to manually pause and unpause ad blocking each time you visit.

Terms of Use

The extension will take storage permission from your browser. With that, the extension will stop your various processes. And with that, some content scripts can be used on your browser's YouTube host.Use the extension only if you have permission to inject some content scripts between the extension ticket storage and your browser.


YouTube Auto is a content filtering and ad blocking browser extension which blocks all ads on Youtube. It allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being displayed.
Banner, Ad-Clips or even preroll ads you usually see before the actual video on Youtube are blocked by this extension.


+ blocks ads, banner and popups
+ blocking of ads on external sites which load Youtube
+ prevent preroll ads from loading on Youtube
+ you can also remove annotations from videos and musics (see options page).
+ loads videos and YouTube website faster.

+Automatically like and subscribe.

The technology is simply based on adblocking filterlists which blocks external ad urls on Youtube. We do not change anything on the website itself.
Adblock for Youtube boosts the performance to load websites (without ads and tracking)
It is free to download and use! boosts the performance to load websites (without ads and tracking) It is free to download and use!

Uninstall Feedback

Thank you for using YouTube Auto. We are sorry to see you leave! It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a moment to give us your feedback about why you uninstalled this addon. The developer will further improve this addon according to your valuable ideas.


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  1. Please update this extension its great! i love the ad block in youtube, but the autolike and auto subscribe its broken :( can you check? 4/5 stars really good!

  2. not working anymore, unnistalling

  3. idk how to do it let me check is it working because I am not sure is not working let me check my YouTube maybe is did not work.


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