Here are five selected calendar models that are made only with HTML and JavaScript.
Some of the selected calendars are presented to you through this post.
Here's how to create a calendar using HTML and CSS using GridsYou can easily create your own calendar with codes if you want. Only these codes are being provided to you for free. Calendars are more beautiful than one another

Calendar Mockup

\n See the Pen \n Calendar Mockup by Dan Couper (@DanielCouper)\n on CodePen.\n

Flexbox responsive calendar

\n See the Pen \n Flexbox responsive calendar by Gabi (@enxaneta)\n on CodePen.\n

#DailyCssImages – Day 9. Calendar

\n See the Pen \n #DailyCssImages – Day 9. Calendar by Nikita Dubko (@dark_mefody)\n on CodePen.\n

CSS Grid: Calendar

\n See the Pen \n CSS Grid: Calendar by Olivia Ng (@oliviale)\n on CodePen.\n

CSS Christmas Calendar

\n See the Pen \n CSS Christmas Calendar by Johnny Fekete (@johnnyfekete)\n on CodePen.\n

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