Beautiful CSS animations and effects you will find in these calculator projects.Here are some examples of calculators made with HTML and CSS taken from codepin.
Which will help you make your own calculator.A number of selected calculator models that are made only by JavaScript CSS and HTML and you can use these codes in your project.

PureCalc- Simple Calculator Using HTML and CSS

See the Pen PureCalc- Simple Calculator Using HTML and CSS by Kalpesh Singh ( @kalpeshsingh) on CodePen.

Daily UI #004: Calculator

See the Pen Daily UI #004: Calculator by magnificode ( @magnificode) on CodePen.


See the Pen Calculator by Varun A P ( @apvarun) on CodePen.

fx-82MS Scientific calculator HTML+CSS

See the Pen fx-82MS Scientific calculator HTML+CSS by shreyasminocha ( @shreyasminocha) on CodePen.

Casio FX-702P

See the Pen Casio FX-702P by William Jawad ( @wiljav) on CodePen.

Pure CSS Calculator

See the Pen Pure CSS Calculator by vrugtehagel ( @vrugtehagel) on CodePen.

Glassmorphism Calculator UI

See the Pen Glassmorphism Calculator UI by Tirso Lecointere ( @tirsolecointere) on CodePen.

Calculator | Pure CSS |

See the Pen Calculator | Pure CSS | by gambhirsharma ( @gambhirsharma) on CodePen.


See the Pen Calculater by Taha Halabi ( @Wolf59) on CodePen.


See the Pen Untitled by Stone ( @sj719045032) on CodePen.


See the Pen calculater by Subhash Chand ( @subhash-chand) on CodePen.


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