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What is Calendar Clock?

Digital Calendar Clock with unique designs for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. NEW! + 100 Different design themes available You are looking for a digital clock without complications.

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An extension fully loaded with tons of useful time-related features... But the best part is, it is totally COOL. This is not your ordinary clock on a toolbar. This does more than that.
Time-telling is one of the main feature of this extension, and different methods are often prefered in displaying time. In this, you can modify multiple the appearance of the clock, which is located in the toolbar.
Let's take a step further. Why do you need to look for the time yourself when you can be informed with the time automatically on intervals? This extension also provides an hourly notification, which can be configured to even announce the time with TTS.


This extension is a simple clock with many designs to check the time directly in your browser.
You will see:

✓ Analog clock.
✓ Temperature.
✓ Day / Date.
✓ Hours, minutes and seconds.
✓ Month.
✓ Year.
✓ Custom colors for text and background!
✓ Setting the background to be an image linked from somewhere!
✓ Custom fonts!
✓ 12 hour and 24 hour time!
✓ Seconds display! (or not!)

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