Collection of free HTML and CSS UFO Animation examples from Codepen and other resources.
Alien animations use HTML CSS and java Script.
Very nice alien animation for in background which will make your html page pop. All these UFO animations are free code.

UFO Slider

See the Pen UFO Slider by Chris Gannon ( @chrisgannon) on CodePen.

CSS Forest Encounter

See the Pen Forest Encounter by Louis Coyle ( @dropside) on CodePen.

CSS Slime Attack

See the Pen CSS Slime Attack by Hornebom ( @Hornebom) on CodePen.

UFO Animation in html

See the Pen UFO by Ross B ( @rocbear) on CodePen.

Wrong UFO pure CSS

See the Pen code for fun (day04): Oops something went wrong, please try again. pure CSS by Sergio ( @SofiaSergio) on CodePen.

Alien vs Cow abduction/h2>

See the Pen Alien - cow abduction - GSAP timeline & svg by Ian Hazelton ( @IanHazelton) on CodePen.

Alien abduction CSS

See the Pen Alien abduction by Josee ( @joseewouters) on CodePen.

HTML Alien UFO Abduction

See the Pen Alien UFO Abduction by Gary Byrne ( @garyb1) on CodePen.

UFO Light use CSS

See the Pen #codevember - 5 - UFO Light by Ryan Mulligan ( @hexagoncircle) on CodePen.

The Flying Robot

See the Pen The Flying Robot (Pure CSS Drawing/Animation) [codepen challenge] by Tucker Massad ( @tuckermassad) on CodePen.

Discover Stars CSS

See the Pen Discover the stars by Christina Stephan ( @christinastep) on CodePen.

UFO with Ease Animation

See the Pen UFO with Ease (codepenchallenge) by Calle ( @Calleb) on CodePen.

CSS Expedition Animation

See the Pen CSS Expedition by Gallifreyan1056 ( @gallifreyan1056) on CodePen.

Martian CSS Animation

See the Pen Martian CSS by Eduardo Sada ( @eduardosada) on CodePen.

Greedy Aliens PUG Animation

See the Pen Greedy Aliens | PUG, SCSS by Ayla ( @AB6923) on CodePen.

CSS3 Space Scene

See the Pen Space scene by Tony Hunt ( @TechnoTone) on CodePen.

UFO Abducts CSS animation

See the Pen UFO Abducts The Tardis - CSS only by Giulia Cardieri ( @giuliacardieri) on CodePen.

Pure CSS UFO Pre loader

See the Pen Pure CSS UFO Preloader by Matthew Fournier ( @mattyfours) on CodePen.

Cow Abduction Animation in html

See the Pen Cow Abduction by RainbowNinja ( @rainbow-ninja) on CodePen.


See the Pen 100% PURE CSS UFO by Daniel Constance ( @DXC) on CodePen.

CSS3 UFO Speeder

See the Pen UFO speeder by Louis Coyle ( @dropside) on CodePen.

Alien Invasion Animation Pro

See the Pen Alien Invasion by Gal Shir : Web Animation by Kono by Kono ( @konoanimation) on CodePen.


See the Pen UFO by Quang Tuyen DINH ( @DX_) on CodePen.

SVG UFO CSS Animation

See the Pen The SVG files - UFO CSS Animation by Kosmic Red ( @carmenansio) on CodePen.

UFO Design

See the Pen UFO by Mina ( @codeanddream) on CodePen.

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