Collection of free HTML and CSS Footers Animation examples from Codepen and other resources.

You can adjust the size, position, number of clouds, and animation duration to suit your preferences. To view this animation, create an HTML file and a separate CSS file, then link them as shown in the HTML snippet. Here's an example:

Expanding Footer

See the Pen Expanding Footer by Joshua (@joshualai) on CodePen.

Fixed footer

See the Pen Fixed footer by Mads Håkansson (@madshaakansson) on CodePen.

Beautiful Aurora Footer Lights

See the Pen Beautiful Aurora Footer Lights by Amit Ashok Kamble (@amyth91) on CodePen.


See the Pen Footer by Vincent Durand (@onediv) on CodePen.

Simple slide-out footer

See the Pen Simple slide-out footer by Riley Shaw (@rileyjshaw) on CodePen.

Footer with CSS Grid

See the Pen Footer with CSS Grid by Jules Forrest (@julesforrest) on CodePen.

Pure CSS Classy Footer

See the Pen Pure CSS Classy Footer by Nick Braver (@nickbraver) on CodePen.

footer design

See the Pen footer design by Swarup Kumar Kuila (@uiswarup) on CodePen.

CSS Goey footer

See the Pen CSS Goey footer by Zed Dash (@z-) on CodePen.

Social media footer

See the Pen Social media footer by Andrew Canham (@candroo) on CodePen.

Footer always at the bottom - Flexbox

See the Pen Footer always at the bottom - Flexbox by Ananya Neogi (@ananyaneogi) on CodePen.

Flexbox Sticky Footer Example

See the Pen Flexbox Sticky Footer Example by Ryan Mulligan (@hexagoncircle) on CodePen.

Parallax Footer (Website Fixed Footer)

See the Pen Parallax Footer (Website Fixed Footer) by Austin (@pqt) on CodePen.

footer with conent scale

See the Pen footer with conent scale by Mātthīas (@mfritsch) on CodePen.

simple fixed footer

See the Pen simple fixed footer by Mātthīas (@mfritsch) on CodePen.

Animated footer toggle

See the Pen Animated footer toggle by Sheelah Brennan (@sheelah) on CodePen.

Animated Mobile Footer Menu

See the Pen Animated Mobile Footer Menu by Pete Lloyd (@plloyd11) on CodePen.

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