Collection of free HTML and CSS Glitch Effect and Animation examples from Codepen and other resources. Introduce the concept of glitch effects and their popularity in modern web design. Highlight the creative possibilities and visual impact of glitch effects in capturing user attention.

1. Understanding the Glitch Effect Explain what a glitch effect is and its origins from digital art and retro aesthetics. Discuss the key elements of a glitch effect, such as distortion, color shifts, and flickering.

2. Creating Basic Glitch Effects Start with simple examples of creating glitch-like distortions using CSS transformations. Explore techniques for skewing, scaling, and rotating elements to simulate glitch effects.

3. Adding Animation to Glitch Effects Introduce CSS animations and transitions to create dynamic glitch effects like flickering or shifting colors. Discuss keyframes, animation properties, and timing functions for realistic glitch animations.

4. Text and Image Glitch Effects Demonstrate how to apply glitch effects to text elements using CSS animations and pseudo-elements. Explore techniques for glitching images using CSS filters, transforms, and blend modes.

5. Advanced Glitch Techniques Dive into more complex glitch effects such as pixelation, scanlines, and RGB channel splitting. Showcase examples of combining multiple glitch effects for a unique and immersive experience.

6. Creating Interactive Glitch Elements Discuss using CSS transitions and hover effects to create interactive glitch elements on user interaction. Explore techniques for glitching backgrounds, overlays, and scroll-triggered effects.

3D Glitch Text (CSS Only)

See the Pen 3D Glitch Text (CSS Only) by Colin Horn (@colinhorn) on CodePen.

Dice roleplay glitch and pulse

See the Pen Dice roleplay glitch & pulse by Agathe (@Atsohga) on CodePen.

Glitch Preloader

See the Pen Glitch Preloader by Nazar Kubaty (@mirai1337) on CodePen.

Goldsmiths Uni - glitch

See the Pen Goldsmiths Uni - glitch by Cassie Evans (@cassie-codes) on CodePen.

Image glitch effect

See the Pen Image glitch effect by Alain (@AlainBarrios) on CodePen.

The Glitch Effect

See the Pen The Glitch Effect by sanchit sharma (@web_designer_sanchit) on CodePen.

CSS CyberPunk Buttons (:hover to glitch 😎)

See the Pen CSS CyberPunk Buttons (:hover to glitch 😎) by Jhey (@jh3y) on CodePen.

Glitch Image Effect | CSS Animation

See the Pen Glitch Image Effect | CSS Animation by MinzCode (@MinzCode) on CodePen.

morphology - laptop glitch - dilate

See the Pen morphology - laptop glitch - dilate by janein (@janein) on CodePen.

glitch effect by SVG filter

See the Pen glitch effect by SVG filter by UMi / Web Designer (@UMi101618) on CodePen.

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