Simple and Cool CSS-only Fire.
TOP 14 Collection of Codepen free HTML and CSS fire animation code examples. Update of January 2022 collections.
I have listed over 14+ fire animations snippets made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.just awesome

CSS Fire

\n See the Pen \n Fire by Brian Bravo (@BrianBravo)\n on CodePen.\n

CSS Flame Animation

\n See the Pen \n CSS Flame Animation by Adrian Payne (@dazulu)\n on CodePen.\n

SVG CSS Fire animation

\n See the Pen \n SVG CSS Fire animation by Deepak K Vijayan (@2xsamurai)\n on CodePen.\n

CSS Fire 2

\n See the Pen \n CSS Fire by Zed Dash (@z-)\n on CodePen.\n

Animated fire with SVG + CSS

\n See the Pen \n Animated fire with SVG + CSS by Tahina (@tahina)\n on CodePen.\n

Simple CSS-only Fire

\n See the Pen \n Simple CSS-only Fire Animation by Satrio Yamanda (@yamanda)\n on CodePen.\n

Only CSS: Fire

\n See the Pen \n Only CSS: Fire by Yusuke Nakaya (@YusukeNakaya)\n on CodePen.\n

CSS Blend Mode Fire

\n See the Pen \n CSS Blend Mode Fire by Jon Kantner (@jkantner)\n on CodePen.\n

Campfire -- Codevember

\n See the Pen \n Campfire -- Codevember #15 - Fire by Rose Liu (@Rosefae)\n on CodePen.\n


\n See the Pen \n Codevember #15 - Fire by Romina (@RominaMartin)\n on CodePen.\n


\n See the Pen \n CSSspark by Ivan Grozdic (@ig_design)\n on CodePen.\n

no image pixelart campfire

\n See the Pen \n Box-Shadow only, no image pixelart campfire animation codepen challenge by Jamie Coulter (@jcoulterdesign)\n on CodePen.\n

One div flame

\n See the Pen \n One div flame 🔥 by Chalda Pnuzig (@chalda)\n on CodePen.\n

flame animation

\n See the Pen \n flame animation by Uwe Chardon (@uchardon)\n on CodePen.\n

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