Collection of free HTML and CSS Cute Animation examples from Codepen and other resources.


See the Pen ghost by Beep ( @scoooooooby) on CodePen.

CSS Bear Toggle

See the Pen CSS Bear Toggle by Anastasia Goodwin ( @agoodwin) on CodePen.

Pure CSS Cute Cup

See the Pen Pure CSS Cute Cup by Lilya Zilyukina ( @keirafoxy) on CodePen.

Penguin | Pure CSS

See the Pen Penguin | Pure CSS by Julie Park ( @juliepark) on CodePen.

Cute Dog

See the Pen Cute Dog by David López ( @davidlpz) on CodePen.

Fox | Pure CSS

See the Pen Fox | Pure CSS by Marcela Bomfim ( @cecelabomfim) on CodePen.

Cute Bunny

See the Pen Cute Bunny by Ash ( @littleginger) on CodePen.

css cartoon owl

See the Pen css cartoon owl by Zoltan Toth ( @totya24) on CodePen.

Animated Cute Animal

See the Pen Animated Cute Animal by Ahmed Shaarawy ( @ahmediz) on CodePen.

Cute jumping sheep with three.js

See the Pen Cute jumping sheep with three.js by Liza Kobrazova ( @elliezen) on CodePen.

Digital Pet

See the Pen Digital Pet by luke lincoln ( @lukes611) on CodePen.


See the Pen Piggy by Philip Zastrow ( @zastrow) on CodePen.

Preact: Render to String

See the Pen Preact: Render to String by Jason Miller ( @developit) on CodePen.

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