Collection of free HTML and CSS Lanterns Animation examples from Codepen and other resources.

Stars and Lanterns

See the Pen Stars and Lanterns by Mai El-Awini (@maicodes) on CodePen.

CSS-only Animated Lantern

See the Pen CSS-only Animated Lantern by Mahmoud (@7oot) on CodePen.

on the last day of the Bon festival

See the Pen on the last day of the Bon festival by K-T (@K-T) on CodePen.

#DailyCSSImages 22 - Green Lantern

See the Pen #DailyCSSImages 22 - Green Lantern by Davide Francesco Merico (@NeckersBOX) on CodePen.

Ramadan lantern CSS

See the Pen Ramadan lantern CSS by Ali Ben Mussa (@alibenmussa) on CodePen.


See the Pen JACK O’ LANTERN by VEAMCAMP (@veamcamp) on CodePen.

Sky Lanterns

See the Pen Sky Lanterns by Thiyagaraj (@thewizardjs) on CodePen.

"Green Lantern" CSS Image

See the Pen "Green Lantern" CSS Image by Brittany Walker (@trekkiegirl) on CodePen.

Diwali Lantern

See the Pen Diwali Lantern by Ramakrishna V (@RamakrishnaUX) on CodePen.

Swing lantern with pure css

See the Pen Swing lantern with pure css by Wang Weiqiang (@WangWeiqiang) on CodePen.

元宵 (Lantern Festival) - CSS Doodle

See the Pen 元宵 (Lantern Festival) - CSS Doodle by Aragakey (@aragakey) on CodePen.

Swaying Lantern

See the Pen Swaying Lantern by Sean McCaffery (@seanmccaffery) on CodePen.

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